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Offline Scheduling

Download course information when you're online so that you can build your schedule anytime or anywhere - even offline.

Co-requisite Planning

Does your class have both a lab and a lecture? Easily link them together so that your schedule includes both!

Customized Schedules

Select primary courses to anchor your schedule. Other courses you select will be included if they fit around your primary choices.

Conflict Determination

Enable conflict reporting to see which courses overlap or include closed courses to see if you should petition for an additional seat!

Course Ranking

Schedules are automatically ranked based on time between courses, earliest and latest course times, preferred days off, and instructor ratings.

Easy to Use Interface

Drag and drop courses into your preferred schedule.

Our History

Course Scheduler started as many open source projects do - as a way to do something better, faster, and frankly, cooler. During the summer of 2008, after a particularly challenging bout of scheduling our Junior courses, our founder Mike wrote and released version 1 of the Kettering Course Scheduler. What followed is now the stuff of grass-roots legend: over 36,000 downloads helping 2 generations of graduate and undergraduate Kettering students schedule their courses with ease. It's been 6 years of periodic support and feature addition for the tool as we tried to find time in our day-to-day lives. Now, we've decided that its time to take this a little more seriously. We've added to the team and are striving to make Course Scheduler a top-of-the-line scheduling product for all classrooms and lecture halls, whether attendance is in-person or virtual. We're excited to get going again, and we can't wait to show you what's next!

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